Soda Pop and Sling Shots

Galcos Soda Pop Stop Explored.

Galcos Soda Pop Stop

Remember back in the good ol’ days when you and your buddies would race down to the local corner store on your bikes after school? Levi’s and Converse on, sling shots hanging out of your back pockets, and a pocket full change (about 37 cents) that you’ve been saving for the past 2 weeks… Just to enjoy the simple pleasure of a ice cold, fizzy soda pop and a Hershey’s chocolate.

Yea, neither do I. The time when candy and soda had real sugar in it and only cost a quarter is long gone, before many of us were even thought of. However, you can still relive those days at Galco’s right in the heart of our very own Highland Park. Please, leave the sling shots at home though…

Galcos Soda Pop Stop

Galco’s is like a corner store frozen in time. I’m pretty sure Alfalfa and the rest of the gang used to frequent this spot. They have everything from vintage candy and snacks,  all natural flavored syrups, old school sodas, beer and wine and even a small deli. (The sandwiches are definitely worth a try). The candy and soda selection is endless; Some items that you haven’t seen in ages, some items that only your grandparents would recognize.

The beer and wine selection is my personal favorite. I think even your everyday Highland Park beer enthusiast would be impressed. Everything from PBR to Allagash Curieaux (one of my personal favorites). Six packs, bottles, cans, they have it all there.

Galcos Soda Pop Stop

If you’re not a fan of soda, or candy, or beer, or delicious hand-crafted sandwiches (I don’t know who doesn’t like a nice sub and a soda), than taking a look at all of the memorablia and do-dads alone are worth the visit. The owner, John, is one of the nicest men you’ll every meet. He works there every day with a smile on his face and an abundant amount of wisecracks that go along perfect with his charming store. It’s great seeing a store owner who loves what they do day after day, year after year. Not something you see very often, and to no surprise it’s right here in HP.

Did I mention you can make your own soda there? Unfortunately, it was undergoing some maintenance and remodeling while I was visiting, but the process is pretty awesome. Pick your bottle, make a label, choose your flavors and put a cap on it!

All around, this place is great. So much history and charm in one place! Perfect reflection of what HLP is all about..

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