ETA : Highland Park’s Community Bar

With incredibly crafted drinks in a low-key setting, ETA is the cocktail bar Highland Park has been waiting for.

ETA, a new cocktail bar on Figueroa Street in Highland Park, opened in April of this year in Highland Park.  Its owners, James Bygrave, Ryan Julio and Matt Glassman, are naming their new place the “first legitimate cocktail bar” in the area. ETA opened down the street from Glassman’s other bar, the Greyhound, and will focus on hand-crafted cocktails and a by-the-glass wine program. Mauricio Canales, who has worked with Mercado, the Ace Hotel and Bar Ama, created this irresistible cocktail menu.


“I want to look like Highland Park, not downtown or the west side. I want to create a place for the community to come hang out or go out to. ” Says Glassman. I couldn’t agree more, this place has the ability to chameleon between chill atmosphered, early evening hang out spot to unpretentious and sexy night out. Ive been here a couple times and every time i see such an eclectic mix of people all welcomed as you would your neighbor.

The Penultimate Word, made with Uncle Val’s botanical gin, Los Javis mezcal joven, cucumber puree, green chartreuse, lime, dill and a Sal de Gusano rim.
“It goes down in the Dimmi” Batiste Rhum Agricole, Hamilton’s 151, Dimmi Liqueur, fresh pineapple purée & spice station sweet Virginia tisane rim.

With the launch of their amazing new craft cocktail menu your sure to not only love everything from the mid century modern decor to the low lit and relaxed atmosphere,  but every sip will be as good as the last.

‘Prettiest Girl of All Time’ blends Tromba tequila blanco with berry tea, sweet pickled kumquats, purple perilla mint, lemon balm and citrus cordial

Not only are these drinks some of the ‘Prettiest Girls of all time’ they are uplifting and refreshing vacations that will be gone before you realize it.


“So many walks of life from this community made this happen, Ive been so excited about doing this again in this neighborhood. Lets serve this community ahead of anyone elses interests!” – Glassman

“Meet me in Montauk” with Four pillars Navy Strength Gin, Kümmel liqueur, Alessio blanco vermouth, honey and Thai basil

” Im so stoked about this community, its shared ownership, thats what a community relies on, everyone feels like their the king and queen. Its their bar, its affordable and they feel special. ” says Glassman and he couldn’t be more right. With so many new places opening up in the area i want to point out that theres something more at play here than just good customer service and location, there is genuine care and hospitality being provided in a great space with quality crafted drinks.  I know I will be coming here from now on!


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