Back Benders: The OGs of Holistic Healing

For a chiropractor that goes beyond the back crack, check out Back Benders in Eagle Rock for crystal healing, massage and pilates too.

imgp1753-copyIn her own words, Betty Tupta ain’t your mother’s chiropractor – but she’ll see her, too!

Betty and her team at Back Benders in Eagle Rock have been cracking backs, digging into deep tissue and supporting body wellness since 2010. They call themselves the “OG’s of holistic healing” – meaning the gang is about everything encompassing: the mind, body and spirit. At Betty’s, you won’t get pills to mend your wounds and you won’t get sent to a surgery center. Dr. Betty is all about healing the natural way, as well as keeping everything else in shape to avoid future injuries.

Betty always had a desire to work in medicine but was unsure of what field to concentrate in. From her own participation in athletics and sports, she naturally felt gravitated to work in sports medicine. After getting her doctorate from the Southern California University of Health Sciences and practicing chiropractics with family and friends for a year, Tupta took over a moving chiropractor’s facility in 2010 and made it her own. Her personal touches, extra attention to quality and change in services offered have since helped the business become a better environment for her clients and for her overall practice.

As mentioned earlier, Tupta isn’t your mother’s chiropractor, and neither is her space, for that matter. When you enter, you’re greeted by succulents hanging from the corners of sparkling cream glitter-painted walls. Nearby, a coffee table of crystals, gems and geodes shines while an aromatherapy vaporizer steams comforting essential oils throughout the office. If there weren’t an office receptionist window amidst the elements, you’d forget this were a center for chiropractic work.


“When you come in here, you’re not really going to feel like other chiropractic offices I’ve been to. My patients tell me the same thing. I try to make it nice and modern and comfortable and friendly but not stuffy and standoffish,” she notes.

The three primary services that Betty has for patients are chiropractic work, massage and pilates, the latter being one of the more recent additions to the office. Betty has a few different massage therapists that specialize in different styles, depending on what kind of help you need, from neuromuscular work to pregnancy massages. Often time, she finds it helpful for clients to get these before the chiropractic work. Lastly, the pilates keeps everything in check. While the services exist to work together, you can also choose to get each service separately.


“My patients want to do everything: the pilates, the massage, the chiropractic. They throw in some energy work. It works out,” Tupta explains.

One particular element that makes her office different from others are the pressure points she works with during a chiropractic session, similar to those worked with when receiving acupuncture. By incorporating these pressure points, she’s able to further secure a safe, lasting adjustment. Additionally, she has a “health happy hour” to make her services more affordable for clients, since most pay out of pocket.


Lastly, Betty has private and group pilates sessions as a form of physical therapy to keep everything strong and in check. It’s all in the core.

“Pilates is something that we incorporate because it all goes with the mind body wellness that we’re trying to accomplish,” Tupta explains.

An extremely recent addition that Dr. Betty has added to the center is crystal healing and energy work. With initial interest from one of her own massage therapist’s work in crystal healing, she became hooked after receiving several sessions. Betty obtained her professional certification last month, and is currently offering sessions to her clients before an official announcement.


“I’m honing in my skills, and I already knew something was up because when I was doing chiropractic work, I would feel things but I didn’t know what it was. I don’t know. I’d get hot and feel like a rush of energy. I didn’t know what it was until Deena came and I told her these things. And she was like, yeah you’re intuitive. That’s what’s happening. So then I accepted it and now I just know what it is. Sometimes, I’m like, ‘How’s your knee?’ And they say, it’s really bad. How did you know? It kind of just pops into my head.”


Like her massage sessions, Betty creates a relaxing environment for you beforehand. There is a set of chakras that pertain to different parts of your body, and can become imbalanced Crystals, on the other hand, are always perfect and balanced. When Betty places these crystals on certain chakras of your body, they thus balance out your own chakras. It is in her own intuition and professional training that she decides what chakras are imbalanced and where to place them.

A proud Northeast L.A. business, Back Benders is a part of one of the many exciting businesses to be a part of the small business movement growing stronger than ever in the community. Up and down, the blocks of Eagle Rock Boulevard, Figueroa and Colorado are lined with small boutiques, markets and niche trinkets for residents and visitors abroad.

“I’m super excited actually that Eagle Rock and Highland Park is really a haven for small businesses. In this building alone, I think maybe everybody but one person is all female-owned… I never really thought about it until I got the business and really lucky that I’m in a community where people value small business and they would rather shop small,” Dr. Betty excitedly says.

Learn about workshops, specials and other news with Back Benders on their Instagram and Facebook.

For massage, chiropractic and pilates sessions, book your appointment at Back Bender’s website.

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