Taco Fix Launches New Vegan & Organic Menu

Highland Park Has Another Option For Vegan & Organic Food

Taco Fix Highland Park


Taco Fix In Highland Park is rolling out an exciting new Vegan & Organic Menu to serve alongside their Original Menu.

In an effort to serve the changing demographic in the neighborhood, Taco fix has spent the last 3 Months putting together a healthy menu that excites and leaves customer feeling energized and satisfied.


Vegan Sloppy Taco (Pictured Below)

+Shredded “Chicken” || +Peppers || +Spinach || +Vegan Cheese (Optional)


Taco Fix Highland Park

Organic Vegan Tacos (Pictured Below)

Taco 1 : +Beans || +Organic Quinoa || +Organic Corn || +Onions || +Organic Arugula

Taco 2 : +Organic Tofu || +Organic Peppers || +Organic Onions || +Organic Spinach

Taco 3 : +Organic Potatoes  || +Organic Cabbage || +Pico De Gallo

Taco Fix Highland Park


Organic Vegan Chicken Tacos

+Organic Soy Chicken || +Organic Onions || Organic Cilantro

Taco Fix Highland Park


Swing By Their Location And Explore The Full Menu For Yourself

Taco Fix Highland Park

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